12 February 2018

I can't remember when last I had a beauty review here. It's been two years, unbelievable, Please pardon me but I am back.  I hear of rose water and the miracle it performs on transforming ones skin texture, but haven't been a recipient of it until recently. I came across this site Cici glam and decided to try out their beauty product, because it was affordable and looked pretty. 

To be honest, I was blown away, and to think it's run and owned by a Nigerian, I could not be more proud. My best thing was their sponge, I'm literally obsessed with the way it melts and softens in water and the rose water felt so magical. You can search them out on Jumia and trust me it's worth it.
Rating: 10/10
I just thought of everything that a brand needs to get right and they ticked all the dots.

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  1. Rose water is indeed the bomb. I currently use rose water and glycerin to tone and I'm loving the results. I read a review of this brand's Konjac sponge but this is the first I'm hearing of their Rose Water. I hope it's as good as you preach. Off to check them out on Jumia.


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